You're important, and having a place on the web you can call home is, too. We make it simple.



Free domain of your choice

That's right. We'll give you a free domain when you go Pro. And there's no heavy technical lifting, either. You choose the domain and we'll take care of the rest.


Optimized for mobile

No pinching or zooming needed here. Visit your site from any modern mobile device, and you'll see an optimized site-perfect for sharing your contact information on-the-go.

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One email to rule them all

Say goodbye to generic email addresses forever. By signing up for a Pro account, you can create a memorable custom email at your domain that can be forwarded to any mailbox you wish.1


Track your traffic

Curious about your website's popularity? With integrated stat tracking you'll know how many visitors are viewing your site and how they found you.

" One of the things that sets Magnt apart from a lot of other business card creation startups is their themes, there is no other word to describe them except gorgeous."

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